Georgia Straight by Air

On April 25, 2010, in Documentary, by gregnosaty

Recently I did an aerial shoot with Talon helicopters for an episode of Eaux Troubles du Crime / Dark Waters of Crime. I flew with a cinematographer friend, Paul Mitchnick, who has experience with the Tyler middle mount stabilizer. The people at Talon were great to work with and experienced with the Tyler mount. Our pilot Kelsey Wheeler was a great guy and very experienced with film shoots.

We rented the mount from Panavision Canada. It took half a day to setup and balance it because this was the first time they had configured it with the Panasonic HPX300. The camera is a bit too light for the system so we had to add lead for balast. In the end it was still a bit to light for the gyros to have a substantial effect. Next time I will add even more weight to the camera head.

I also shot with my Canon 5D mark II in a Manfrotto Fig Rig. I got surprisingly stable results and decent audio as well using the Sennheiser MKE400. I shot for 1.5 hours and had no overheating issues at all. Surprisingly the was very little rolling shutter considering the vibrations in the helicopter. I guess the Fig Rig and I were better stabilization than I expected. Just for fun I also stuck my GoPro camera to the windshield of the helicopter. Those images with take a bit of work to flip, stabilize and render. I’ll post some movie clips this week when I’ve processed them.

It was a great day. The only thing I would change next time is the weather. All week the forecast had been sun for friday which actually occurred on thursday afternoon as we were mounting the rig into the helicopter. Although the moody skies will suit the series quite well.

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