I spent of most of 2011 prepping and filming season 5 of our ambitious little series Dark Waters of Crime / Eaux Troubles du Crime and in a blink of an eye we are in the fine cut stage of post-production. As I’m screening an episode where we filmed a murder reenactment in decked out swimming pool with an overturned Ford F150, I was reminded of a on set disaster…

After posing for this picture, in my fancy red dry suit, I rushed to stuff my 5D into it’s Ikelight underwater housing I didn’t lock one of the latches properly. When I submerged for a quick test I saw horrified to see bubbles rising! I popped the dome and started draining water as I swam to the edge of the pool. The entire crew began grabbing for their iPhones to google search for a remedy….

The consensus was to pop out the battery, cap all the openings on the body and lens and stick them into Ziplock bags and filled with rice, let stand for 48 hours to one week and serve with a nice Chianti… Well after 7 days I opened the bags, blew everything off with compressed air, wiped everything down with a towel, popped in a battery and the lens, took a deep breath… And turned it on and…


Yeee Haaaw!

The Phoenix Rises! Thanks to everyone on the crew for their amazing triage that saved my Canon 5D. If it had been saltwater or Coke I don’t think I would have been so lucky.

I have never worked with a better cast and crew on a more pleasant set. Thank you all for making season 5 of Eaux Troubles du Crime / Dark Waters of Crime the most remarkable so far. I looking forward to working with you all again on season 6.


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