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On April 21, 2010, in Photography, by gregnosaty

Well I’m sad to admit that my feet still hurt from this year’s NAB convention but it was well worth it. I can’t possibly post everything at once so they will be a series…

I saw some very cool new technology for DSLR filmmaking, 3D cinema and post production tools that made me decide to stay in this business for another year or two at least. i’m gonna out sound bites of what impressed me or that I found useful and give like to more info. If that’s not enough then you can comment and I’ll do my best to point you somewhere else.

I was looking for a mattebox and shoulder mount system for my Canon 5D. I couldn’t believe how many companies there are fighting for a piece of the DSLR market. It came down to systems by Redrock Micro and Zacuto. I finally settled on a riser mount, rod system and a Z-finder from Zacuto. Their products are very well made and completely modifiable. It’s like Lego for cinematographers. What I liked about their system is that I can buy what I need now and build on it as my needs change. This is a link to the rig a tried, the Double Barrel.

The Z-finder is the best DSLR viewfinder I’ve tried. It’s available with 2.5x or 3x lens magnification options and a diopter to fine tune it to your vision. the 2.5x worked best for me. With the 3x lens I could see individual pixels on the 5D’s LCD. A very secure mount system is an option as well. It’s actually an L shaped bracket the mounts to the base of the camera body as opposed to rubber bands or velcro.

Here is a very bad photo from the show floor.

They delayed shipping again, so disappointing…

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