The Cast & Crew

On May 15, 2010, in Documentary, by gregnosaty

On any given day there was around 40 people on the set of Eaux Troubles du Crime, about 30 crew and 10 actors. That’s pretty small by dramatic standards but huge for a documentary crew. I’ve only been involved in Eaux Troubles as a director for 2 and a half seasons. But in my experience we’ve had the best people Victoria and the Gulf Islands have to offer. Of course there are always a few stragglers from Vancouver, at least a couple from White Rock, one from Coquitlam and who could forget Bowen Island.

The best part is building relationships and having the opportunity to work with many of the same people over again. That kind of history makes it easier to get thinks done because you can pickup from where you left off the last time…

The strange thing for me is that as I continue to edit and refine the stories as you all move on to other things in your lives. I watch scene after scene, month after month and I remember behind the scenes moments with everyone. As I work with many of the same people year after year the memories become more dear.

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