Dark Waters of Crime Season IV

On February 17, 2011, in Documentary, by gregnosaty

Well another production season has come and gone and all of a sudden we are back in post production. Where did the year go?

I chose to film the reenactment using Canon 5D and 7D HDSLR’s this season and what an amazing difference it has made to the look of the show. Of course our outstanding crew went beyond the call of duty to make the magic happen. I don’t think we could find another crew who could turn and clandestine bridge into an oil rig, or the most British city in Canada look like the most French city in Canada! or a blizzard into summer. As Pieter Stathis, our Director of Photography,  would say ” our shoot was full of gifts”. I especially liked our secret grow-op!

I plan to post more thoughts and observations about this season’s production as we blast through post production. Tales of HDSLR’s, under water housings and new MacPro edit suites.

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