Art direction

On April 17, 2010, in Documentary, by gregnosaty

Art direction may sound like a position on a feature film more than a documentary but it’s a crucial position whenever you are filming reenactments. An Art director is part artist and part organizer. They are in charge of creating a believable environment that the actors will play in. Art directors are directly responsible for set design, construction, set decoration and props. They have fingers in the locations, costumes, set decoration, props, hair, makeup and even the selection of single malt scotch ;)

Eaux Trouble du Crime III had a very eclectic needs from the art department. Everything from icebergs on lake Simcoe to disarticulated feet in an autopsy. All you have to give to a good art director is a huge piece of styrofoam, some pork fat, a tree stump, a mannequin and a Dremel tool and they can make miracles. Ernie Tomlinson has Art directed 7 of 9 episodes of Eaux Troubles not to mention some stellar acting as a forensics technician in the lab and in the field!

I think the success of a film is to draw in the audience and make them feel they are a part of the action. The art direction sets the stage for all the other talents to shine. My advice is don’t take art direction for granted.

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